एहसान !!

चन्द चिट्ठियाँ और एक टूटा हुआ गुलदान रखा है !!

तेरे घर में अभी तलक मेरा कुछ सामान रखा है !!

सलामत रही ग़र ज़िन्दगी तो यक़ीनन उतार देंगे !

बहुत संभाल कर हमने तेरा एहसान रखा है!!

नश्तर !!

तेरा नाम सुनाया मज़े ले ले कर !
मुझे लोगों ने सताया मज़े ले ले कर !!

बातों ही बातों में तेरे नाम का नश्तर !
मुझे लोगों ने चुभाया मज़े ले ले कर !!

आशिक़ कहा मजनू कहा पागल भी कह दिया !
मुझे लोगों ने बुलाया मज़े ले ले कर !!

शायद जानते थे तैरना मुझको नहीं आता !
मुझे लोगों ने डुबाया मज़े ले ले कर !!

मालूम था उनको मैं फिर उठ न पाउँगा !
मुझे लोगों ने गिराया मज़े ले ले कर !!

वो तेरा शहर तेरी गली और तेरा घऱ !
मुझे लोगों ने दिखाया मज़े ले ले कर !!



I waited for you my entire life
I watched you grow in front of my eyes..
I watched you grow grain by grain
I watched you grow minute by minute..

I watched your beauty through the hourglass
I feared holding you in my arms
I feared holding you in my embrace
For I feared you would slip away…
I tried my best not to touch you
I tried my best not to feel you
but my temptation got better of me
I held you in my arms, It was so beautiful

For a moment or two it felt like heaven
But I suddenly realized what I had done
You were not to be touched, For it was a sin
It was too late for the mistake to be undone
You started slipping out of my hands
I tried with all my might but all in vain..
All I could do was cry helplessly
As you slipped away grain by grain..


Darkness has a distinct sound. Darkness has a distinct colour. Darkness is nothing but an ever-encompassing void from which no one can escape eternally. Slowly but surely, one after the another, it engulfs every thing.

We are masters of deception. The bright colours of day are perfect camouflage for us. We can hide our true colours in the vivid colourful layers of our surroundings. We have bright colourful masks which blend perfectly with our surroundings. We have bright colourful masks which hide our ugly scars with ease. There is enough brightness around us which enables us to hide our inner darkness. We can mask colours of our distorted psyche with ease and blend it into the vivid and vibrant canvases out there. There is enough colour around us to fill the voids in our conscience. Taking advantage of lively sounds of light, we are able to hide the howling of the wolves beneath the layers of our scarred skin. There is enough warmth around us to enable us to conceal the chill in our frozen eyes. Light presents us with the opportunity to conceal our real identity and present ourselves to the world with a manufactured identity.

It is total darkness which brings to the fore our true colours and our bare truth. The darkness outside resonates with the darkness inside us. The void of total darkness turns us into what we always have been and what we always will be, bare primal beings. It is the absence of colour which brings our true colours out. There is no need of vivid masks to hide our ugly scars with. There is no need of colours to paint our face with. There is no need for any kind of pretence. There is no need to hide the ugly scars. The coldness in our eyes is there for every one to see. There is no need for the brightness to conceal our inner darkness. There is no need of colours to paint our words with. The naked chill in our words is on display for any one to see.

When the darkness calls, there is absolutely nothing to stop the wolves howling under our skin to come tumbling out.

No one is above the spell bounding sound of darkness. As night falls, this sound travels like a Tsunami, consuming and devouring any one and every one in its path and all that is left is countless wolves howling on the streets.. hunting for prey.

Darkness has a sound. ARE YOU LISTENING?

photo of a full moon
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

फुर्सत में !!

बहुत फुर्सत में बैठे हैं चलो ये काम तो कर दें !

ये शाम आज की जो है वो उसके नाम तो कर दें !!

जिसने सोचा के मेरे तरकश में कोई तीर नहीं है !

नींद मेरे उस हरीफ़ की चलो हराम तो कर दें !!

इम्तिहान !!

आएंगे न लौट कर तुम किसको सदाएँ दोगे !

हम ही न रहेंगे तो फिर किसको दुआएँ दोगे !!


बेजान हो चुकी है कबसे ये आग़ ये तपिश !

अब राख़ को तुम कब तलक हवाएँ दोगे !!


शायद ये इम्तिहान है हमारे भी सब्र का !

हम भी देखेंगे तुम कितनी सज़ाएँ दोगे !!